Why a technical institute with the right accreditation is important


Relevance of College Accreditation

Are you looking for an Engineering institute in Jaipur? If your answer is yes, then you have the same doubts as millions of other students. The genesis of such a doubt is – What is the basis on which the student can trust an institute? 

We often see lofty advertisements published in newspapers and billboards. The material printed in such advertisements talks about the achievements of the institute. They always talk about how they have helped place their students in prestigious organizations. However, how many of us pay attention to the small text printed below these advertisements?

What do we mean by Accreditation?

Arya College Jaipur is previously NBA Accredited for branches including CS/ IT/ ECE/ EE. Do students even know of such an accreditation? This is one aspect we never bother to check. We always focus on the word of mouth aspect. The reality is that many institutes do not even bother to take such an accreditation.

For those who are not aware, this is a certificate provided by the government. The government lays out guidelines when it comes to the syllabus, admission procedures as well as placements. Only those institutes that follow these guidelines get the requisite certification.

So why is it important to enrol in NBA Accredited Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan? For starters, they have the requisite government permissions. This is important when it comes to placements and future job prospects in the state, country, and overseas. Companies place huge importance on this accreditation. 

These institutes are counted among the most trusted names. Companies know that the students have been imparted knowledge from a standardised syllabus. They also know that these institutes ensure that they remain abreast with the latest changes in the field of engineering. This allows them to impart the best education to their students.

How does Accreditation benefit students?

Most students may think that there is a dearth of such colleges in the state. That is not the case as many top btech colleges in Jaipur are making a name in this sector with such accreditation. Institutes like this are turning out a safe and viable option for students to pursue their careers in this field. Having an Accreditation means:

  • The college is meeting and maintaining high educational standards as per the industry requirements. 
  • It enhances the trust and confidence among the students, parents, and the public in general and boosts accountability. 
  • These institutes are filled with the best teaching staff. 
  • They ensure that every student is well trained and has all the requisite knowledge to survive in the corporate world.

Today, more than ever, this accreditation is important. As students spend a lot of time, money, and energy pursuing higher education, a degree without accreditation may result in losing their money and time by learning at a place without the proper approvals. 

Further, global recruiters place a high value on degrees that are from accredited colleges as compared to non-accredited one. To conclude, accreditation is a continuous process and it improves the overall quality of education. 

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