Usefulness of Linkedin for Students for a job hunt


Social media is useful 

With Social Media, all the rage amongst the youth and when the youth likes to spend most of their time on social platforms, can reach out to the world at large at the click of a finger get any easier?

For better or worse the millennials seem to not get enough of the social media, no matter how trivial or huge the news, it is broken on the internet by the doer or the viewer of the act more promptly than any other front. Arguably a source most distracting and time-consuming, social media can be used to one benefit if used wisely, says the best MBA college in Jaipur

Today job seekers all over the world find social media as the most flourishing platform, which can easily swing a job seekers career to extremely greener pastures.

The abundance of information may be too much to cope with and extremely confusing too, however when one looks to benefit from it as the outcome is mind-boggling. 

Linkedin is the best platform for job search

Linkedin is one such platform, which is extremely useful for both freshers and experienced professionals. It is a business and employment-oriented service which is a meeting point of the Employee and the Employer, wherein the employers post their requirements, a job seeker can view and apply for it. The reach is global and thus phenomenal. It helps one connect and network with professionals helping one advance his professional interests.


Considering the benefits, Arya College of Engineering had conducted a two-hour workshop emphasizing the importance of LinkedIn & its versatility. And how one needs to create the C.V. which articulately puts forth one’s potential and achievements. We have the vision to educate students and help them make the best use of the social platform.

The workshop tried to answer the questions like:

  • What are the requirements?
  • Does it serve the manifested purpose?

How does LinkedIn benefit students? 

To make long-term connections/networks

You have done your internship fruitfully and you may want to stay in touch for prospects with the company. Connect through LinkedIn, make your account, post your CV and send an invite, you are likely to get accepted and this builds into your network and comes in handy when there is this profile in the company you would so like to apply for.

Networking contacts like these can be extremely valuable. Do connect with as many professionals as possible who know you and your work. Peer connections are also important. Your friends and friends of friends may wind up working where you want to be. 

To get recommendations and endorsements

If you’re doing an internship at a company, get your senior to write you a rosy recommendation that mentions specific things you did well, like handling customers and always arriving early and staying late. Since endorsements accumulate over time, it’s good to start early. 

To underline achievements

If you’re academically inclined or are a part of the debate team or Toastmasters team/ and you win awards, or your essay wins a nationwide writing competition, you were a part of an important seminar on Engineering. You would want your potential employers to know. Create an Honors & Awards section on your profile and keep it updated. 

To show that you are ready to start a professional life

Most potential employers will put your name through a Google search. When you have a footprint on LinkedIn, it indicates to a potential new boss that you are serious about building a career, have a progressive approach, and are keeping pace with the industry, rather than just socializing online. Now you can easily connect with the professionals out there but if you want to make space among them and want to make new and strong connections then remember: 

To make an impression on potential employers

When you finally want to dive into the professional world and your competition has only a résumé and no LinkedIn profile, a hiring manager will likely be impressed that you have had the forethought to establish a LinkedIn presence, especially if you have numerous strong references, more than a few testimonials, a dozen connections and a work history even if they were volunteer positions. Thus, top b tech colleges in India emphasize students have an updated profile.  

To find out connections of the jobs you are interested in

This is one of LinkedIn’s great selling points: If you know what field or company you want to work in, you can directly search your connections for a link to a specific company, institution, or field. It’s a challenge for a newcomer to come up with more than a dozen meaningful connections. But the benefit of LinkedIn is that you can keep building as you grow. 


By the end of the workshop, the students were ready with their new C.V.’s and a glowing LinkedIn profile. The workshop was held to explain to students the need for networking, exchange of information, and staying connected in the industry so that they cannot miss out on any opportunities.

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