Understanding Electric Machines & Magnetic Field


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As we know, today’s world is growing at very fast pace, keeping in mind of various technological innovations and the basic requirements for all such innovations brings my focus to Electrical Energy.

For all such actions available to a common man, the availability of minimum & sufficient supply of electrical energy to each is essential. So for this entire let us have a basic knowledge of Electrical Machines and the very important work done by magnetic field which made this a possibility and not a dream.

    The key point is       

“Why we use Magnetic field only as a medium of conversion in the design of electrical machines”

Take an example of a Transformer –a static, non-linear device used to change the voltage levels at a constant frequency. Under normal operating level voltages, the electric field strength developed will be very weak. On the contrary, even by having a very less magnitude of current, we can develop a strong magnetic field by increasing the number of turns. 

Maximum allowed energy density for air with respect to the magnetic field is more compared to the electric field. In other words, we can say that for a given power rating, the size of the machine, the volume of material required, and the cost of the machine will be less with a magnetic field compared to an electric field.

Experiments and learning given by famous scientists

According to Arya Engineering College, by the study of various experiments carried out by famous scientists like Oersted, Ampere, and Faraday, the use of the magnetic field in electric machines and its behavior characteristics were made clear to us. For example:

  • By Oersted’s experiment the generation of the magnetic field by the passage of electric current
  • Next, Ampere’s experiment gave us knowledge about the direct proportionality of magnetic field or flux to the current if and only if the system is linear. 
  • Finally, Faraday’s law thoroughly explained the induction of EMF by a changing flux that brought about a revolution in electrical engineering

Electrical engineers have a great role to play

So let us face the reality. According to the best btech colleges in India, a lot has been done in the field of electrical engineering and a lot is yet to be achieved and meet the requirements. A little step by all the members of the electrical fraternity and also by all those who use it can change the present scenario of Electrical Energy generation and requirement.

Electrical engineering has connected the world to run every device, be it your smartphone, television, bulbs, you need electricity. This has become possible because of our great scientists who paved the way for future electrical engineers.

Learning electrical engineering from renowned engineering colleges can produce good electrical engineers who can work for the betterment of society. Electrical energy is considered indispensable as light is used for meeting the major part of working during the day hours. With increasing industrialization, the electricity demand has further enhanced.

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