Internship: An Essential Part of the Learning Process

If you are pursuing engineering then planning an internship during the 4-year duration is of utmost significance. As we all know, engineering is a combination of both theoretical and practical learning, therefore, merely gaining theoretical knowledge is not enough. Students should also know how to apply such knowledge in practice to understand the results and outcomes. 

According to Arya College Jaipur, Rajasthan, engineering graduates should have a good understanding of theoretical as well as practical concepts. Theoretical knowledge can be provided by the college but practical learning can be gained through an internship. 

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Major Benefits of Internship

Imparts Hands-On Experience

You may be a topper at the Best B.Tech College in India with an A+ grade and having great knowledge about your particular branch. But still, it might happen that at the time of campus placements, you might not be selected by any good and reputed organization. 

The reason being you lack the relevant experience that is required for practically working on a project or task. Thus, joining an internship for a minimum of one month can deliver a real working experience to students.

Understanding of Practical Problems

Students studying at the college work on diverse projects with full freedom to think and apply their ideas for a particular project without any major restrictions. But when such an assignment or project is done at a company, they have to take into account several factors which can restrict them in achieving desired output: Such factors include:

  • Cost
  • The material used
  • Finance
  • Coordination with team members

Thus, an internship enables students to learn how to manage all such factors.

Selection of Right Field

An engineering graduate has a wide range of options to select in the specific branch of engineering. Doing an internship in different fields during your academic tenure can help you find out the areas where you are good at and the areas that are not of your interest. Thus, you can choose your career path accordingly to shape your future for a better professional experience. 

Benefit of Networking with Industry Experts

According to mentors at Arya College of Engineering, pursuing internships at different companies will not only expand your horizon but help you meet some of the best experts from the industry. Thus, students can associate themselves with some of the brilliant minds in the field. 

Such kind of networking can be helpful after you complete your studies because in case you are not able to get a job, these are the people who are aware of your skills, passion, and abilities and can provide better career opportunities

Learn about Company Culture

Internships not only enable students to obtain practical experience in their respective fields but also let them learn about the real working culture. They learn values like:

  • Teamwork
  • time management
  • Leadership
  • Punctuality
  • communication through diverse channels
  • decision making
  • pressure handling
  • develop good working habits

Developing all these values helps in building confidence and learning real business world skills.

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