The Challenges before Indian Engineering Education


Common challenges in the Indian engineering education

Education in India has been under the limelight due to the hullabaloo surrounding the admission. Hence Indian Engineering education is a priority nowadays.

 In an article, it is claimed that successful engineering wants a good perception of people and organizations. Devoid of these, engineering is useless, resulting in poor services and high costs.

When that renowned person refers to “hierarchical institutes, language dissimilarities, and profound social gulfs” troublemaking the presentation of Indian engineering, we are reminded of the cultural and social hurdles to the improvement. Like any other professional regulation, engineering wants to be entrenched in the social environment in which it is likely to show outcomes. Further, efforts should also be made by the best engineering college in Rajasthan to improve the standard of engineering education. 

Our letdown to comprise perceptive social science and humanities courses in the education of Engineering in India is proving costly undeniably. Concerned by the common reports of poor engineering skills and unemployable engineers among the thousands of Indian engineering graduates, a well-known professor and entrepreneur commenced the Joy of Engineering, Design, and Innovation (JEDI) competition a few years ago. 

This contest is based on last year’s projects carried out by engineering students as part of their engineering syllabus. But we hope that at least a few of the JEDI discoveries get out of the lab and placed into the market.

Why are top colleges and institutes always preferred?


An interesting report says that approximately 85 of the top 100 rankers join IIT Bombay. The credit goes to:

  • Enhanced industry experience
  • Superior facilities 
  • A moderate campus life

While it’s surely good to spot superiority issues rather than natural features or language swaying student preferences, it’s not easy to evade thinking in an age of social networks and new-fangled and fine methods of peer stress.


But is this only the newest sign of a need for uniqueness and sovereign thinking? If so, this does not promise good health for the nation. According to the top b tech college in Jaipur, India is the largest raiser of engineers around the globe in undergraduates, graduates, applied engineering, and science. 

Every second student is an engineering student. But it is a misfortune that engineering colleges in India are going through crises due to the quality of education and lack of technical knowledge.

How can we produce good engineers?

Nearly 150 colleges get sealed down every year due to AICTE regulations. India is worse in that number. Talking about the best colleges such as IITs and NITs, they cover only a small number of engineering colleges and students. 

Real problems are rising in state and private colleges. There are two broad areas of challenges engineering colleges are facing in terms of:

  • level of quality of education(on the academic level)
  • level of infrastructure and management of colleges

No doubt, top colleges like Arya College Jaipur believe that India is all set to be one of the leading producers of engineers with great innovations. But we need to fix the issues that are raised by students and work on the level of quality of education and the level of infrastructure and management of colleges.


Still, we can feel a bit positive with the emergence of some quality institutes that are like Indian Engineering Education. While unemployment has remained the biggest issue in the industry, we have created a record of achieving more than 90 percent placements in recent years.

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