E-Learning: The New Way of Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down and the education sector is the worst affected and till now there is no confirmation regarding the reopening of the educational institutions. Most of the educational institutions have emphasized e-learning during the lockdown period and believe that such transformation in the education sector will have long-term impacts in the future. 

Many applications and e-learning platforms have been launched by the Government to help students continue their studies without many obstacles. Although there is no alternative to classroom teaching, in the present scenario online learning has emerged as one of the effective means of learning, says the Best B Tech Colleges in India

How is Arya Engineering College Imparting Education During a Pandemic?

The college has a team of dedicated faculty members who are regularly preparing and updating content and are delivering through live sessions. Thus, students can continue their studies safely in the comfort of their homes. As the Top Private Engineering College in Rajasthan, we very well understand that learning professional courses like engineering involves both theoretical as well as practical approaches. 

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Merits of E-Learning 

  • There are numerous benefits of online education which are as follows:
  • The faculty members apart from imparting education for regular courses keep on improvising and adding to the skills of the students. 
  • It helps in the holistic development of the students as they can gain knowledge apart from their regular studies. 

We have an Advanced Robotics Lab where students can learn the most advanced concepts about the field of Robotics and can learn how robotic technology can assist in improving working especially in times of Corona pandemic. 

Moreover, we believe that this new hybrid model of education will have significant outcomes and the integration of information technology in education will accelerate the learning process. Thus, online education will form an integral component of the education system soon, and even after the condition will be normal again, both the faculty members and the students can use the digital learning platforms to communicate with each other in times of urgency. 

Academic Programs Available 

At our college, we have highly experienced faculty and top-notch educational facilities in all the major engineering courses and assist students in building their bright and successful career ahead. The major courses offered at Arya College include:

  • B.Tech
  • M.Tech
  • D.Pharma
  • B.Pharma
  • M.Pharma
  • BBA
  • B.Com
  • B.Sc

In the B.Tech course, students can choose their respective branch as per their interest and the field in which they want to make their career. Students can get complete information regarding Arya College Jaipur Admission from the website. 

Several students across the globe were enjoying the benefits of e-learning but in countries like India, the concept is new and has gained pace only during the lockdown phase. To conclude, online education has a bright and prosperous future only if the students have access to the right technology along with necessary ICT tools. Although the effectiveness of this mode of education varies among different age groups, it is a means to boost conceptual learning and develop new skills.

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