Hackathon Events are Important 

Engineering colleges conduct several events in which Hackathon events are the prominent ones. Our students participated in the Global Level Hackathon Competition jointly organized by the Rajasthan Technical University (RTU), Kota, and Sankara Institute of Technology, Jaipur. 

This was a proud moment for Arya College as our students secured 1st position in the competition and received prize money worth Rs. 25000. In addition to this, another team from the college also won a consolation prize. Students from different countries participated in the hackathon which continued for 36 hours non-stop on 19-20 March 2021. A total of 19 Hardware and Software based innovative projects were displayed by the students.


Prize money won in Global Level Hackathon Competition


How do Such Events Improve the Hacking Skills of Students?

Being the Best Private Engineering College in India, we believe that students should participate more in such events as it offers multiple benefits. We would like to highlight a few benefits of participating in hackathon events. 

  • Students can develop their skills to resolve real-life problems. 
  • Moreover, it is the best platform to share knowledge among individuals of the same age group. 
  • As students visit with their mentors, such competitions also provide an opportunity to meet experienced mentors for acquiring industrial knowledge. 
  • As students solve a problem using different technologies, such events also provide a chance to learn about the latest technologies. 

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Other Additional Benefits 

Develops Confidence

Such events provide the students an opportunity to express and present their ideas in front of strangers. They can show why they are the most suitable candidate based on their skills and talent. You present your work in front of tens or hundreds of people. Thus, those students who are shy or introvert can get a better platform to showcase their talent. 

  • They boost their careers.
  • Help students to become aware of their own capabilities. 
  • Enhance self-confidence.

A Time to Build a Professional Networking

Students studying in Top B.Tech Colleges in Rajasthan get endless opportunities by participating in Hackathon competitions. It not only helps students to understand individuals on professional levels but also enables students to connect with groups of professionals on various other platforms. Thus, such connection greatly helps students as they can approach such groups in the future. 

Development of Entrepreneurship Skills 

Hackathon events offer students an opportunity to work on a real-world problem or business idea and it doesn’t matter whether they win or lose. They may continue working on the problem even after the event is done and this can lay the foundation for a future start-up. Moreover, till this time students have also learned about a variety of challenges that they might come across while working in a real-world business environment. 

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An Opportunity to Work With Your Dream Company

Sometimes it happens whether students have won or not but many of the organizations participating in the events might identify the talent in them and can offer internships to selected candidates. Thus, for some organizations, hackathon events are also part of the recruitment process, and therefore, rather than emphasizing whether you win or lose, try to showcase your talent and skills as effectively as possible. 

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