Preparing For College Admission – What You Need to Know


Preparing for College admission: your complete guide 

The path from school to college brings many changes to a student’s life where they widen their knowledge and start preparing for college admission.

In addition to this, they are carrying some new agenda and hopes along with them.

Before any admission, it is important to maintain your school academic records, as the panelists will select students with outstanding grades, achievements, and extracurricular activities.  Arya College Jaipur admission process also involves a similar criterion. 

It is also necessary to know yourself first and in which subject you want to specialize. You need to shortlist your college based on-

  • What are the course details for your subject?
  • Where your interest lies.
  • What fascinates you the most?
  • Career growth
  • Course curriculum
  • Paper pattern
  • Marking scheme
  • College’s rules & regulations

Points to remember while preparing for college admission

While you are doing all the above-mentioned points, don’t forget to prepare yourself for the written test and interview rounds. The marks do matter in getting chosen for a college, but it is more important to give a pleasant impression to the interviewer. In this regard, Arya College of Engineering shares some important points. 

Selection Criteria 

The selection of the admission or final selection is based on the interview. where the interviewers go through your high school grades achieved, achievements, and the entrance examination results.

Examination pattern

There are some sections based on-

  • Current affairs or events happening in and around the world or country.
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Logical reasoning
  • English Grammar

Although at times, students clear their written tests, when it comes to the interviews, they don’t make it or they don’t get qualified. As most of the students do not prepare themselves for the interview process and are not aware of the environment inside or the questions the interviewer asks because at that time they might get nervous and confused which leads to a bad impression. 

This process is standardized to a certain degree and the best b tech college in Rajasthan also follows a similar process. Their pattern or arrangement might be different, but the meaning of the question is always the same.

How to manage tricky questions in the interview round?  

A question like “Tell us something about yourself” may sound easy, but the answers are very tricky, as you have to sum up your entire life in two to three lines. Things you should keep in mind while giving an interview-

  • Always keep it sweet and short.
  • Always listen first then speak.
  • Be confident, not overconfident.
  • Keep yourself calm
  • Always answer to the point, don’t drag it.
  • Practice & punctuality matters

Reaching on time and dressing formally for the interview is one of the most important points. To keep yourself well-prepared for the examination and interviews keep doing Mock interviews and tests while preparing for college admission. This would be a great mode of practice & students should create a panel with friends and family for the same. It is one of the best exercises to prepare for an interview. Moreover, it will boost your confidence and you’ll be able to do better than before or maybe perfect!

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