List of best Computer Science Courses after 12th


In the era where programmers are very high in demand learning computer science courses in holidays after completing the 12th exams can reap benefits after graduating from engineering, Let’s see how

Everything has gone digital in our environment, and technology has become an inextricable element of our daily life. Every day, technology improves and upgrades. Many previously unknown job positions and responsibilities have created new computing career options.

Because of the industry’s growing popularity, students are perplexed about what courses to choose after 12th Science. Stay on this page and follow along to clarify any confusion about what courses to take after 12 computer sciences.

Here we go with the list of computer science courses after the 12th exam:

1. Web Designing and Development

This is likewise a 3- to 6-month curriculum, but it can be extended to a year as a Diploma Course. The building and management of websites is the focus of this branch of computer science. Because the internet of things is fast growing in today’s reality, even a tiny business can have its website. As a result, this field has gained traction. You can pursue any of the following job paths after completing the course.

  • Graphics Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web designer (independent)
  • UX Designer
  • Web designer (Agencies/MNCs

2. VFX and animation

Animation is quickly becoming one of the most popular subjects of study. It’s a component of graphic design. However, the majority of students choose this field as a specialty. In practically all Indian cities, a one-year diploma program in animation and visual effects is available. This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their drawing skills and sketch their creativity.

You can pursue any of the following job paths after completing the course.

  • Creative Head
  • Visual Effects Expert
  • VFX Expert
  • VFX Professional (freelance)
  • Film Animation
  • Trainer

3. Software Engineering

This section will require you to develop knowledge of computer languages. You can effortlessly learn other languages if you specialize in one. You can also become a Software Developer from here. Short-term courses in this field are not suggested because they provide you with a basic understanding that will not be sufficient for a successful job in the future.

4. Designing Graphics

The graphic Designing Course provides you with a platform to express yourself. So, if you’re a creative person, you may put your skills to good use here. Graphic design is utilized in many fields and has various applications. You can pursue any of the following job paths after completing the course.

  • Graphic designer (at Digital magazines and other publishing firms)
  • Printing specialist
  • Graphics designer (Corporate team)
  • Graphics designer (independent)
  • Brand identity manager
  • Creative director

5. Digital Advertising

Digital marketing is a huge and diverse profession and one of the most distinctive computer courses available. SEO, lead generation, content creation, email marketing, social media, online advertising, A/B testing, SMO, analytics, and brand management are just a few of its subfields. For example, this area can help you advertise your brand and operate a business or run a business through your blog. In addition, you can pursue any of the following job paths after completing the course.

  • Digital Marketing instructor
  • SEO professional (independent/ work for agencies)
  • Online Brand Management professional
  • Digital Marketer (independent)
  • Digital Marketing professional (work for agencies)
  • Social Media Manager
  • SEO consultant

Few more computer science courses

6. Mobile Application Development

This is the age of smartphones and their applications. These days, mobile phones and their applications are constantly increasing. The popularity of app creation has resulted in high demand for mobile app development. The duration of a short-term diploma degree in this discipline after 12th grade is six months. However, it varies per institute. You can pursue any of the following job paths after completing the course.

  • App tester
  • Application developer
  • Application designer
  • User Interface designer
  • Entrepreneur

7. MS Office Certification Program

One of the most widely used computer apps is Microsoft Office. MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoint are some of the most popular Microsoft Office apps. You should have heard of it, and you have most likely worked on them. This course will cover some of the more sophisticated features of these programs.

MS Office professionals are in high demand in the hospitality industry, hotels, schools, and institutions, among other places.

8. Hardware Engineering

A computer will function successfully if software and hardware are in good working order. However, much like software, hardware can have problems that cause problems for users. A Hardware Engineer is needed here.

Computer hardware is the focus of the Hardware Engineering courses (external components of a computer, i.e., monitor, CPU, etc.). After completing the course, job opportunities in branch offices and private computer corporations are available.

Other Important computer science courses:

The courses listed above are the most popular following 12th-grade Computer Science. However, they aren’t the only courses available after completing your 12th grade with Computer Science. Additional degrees in this field include the following:

  • B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
  • B.Tech + M.Tech in Computer Engineering (Integrated Course)
  • B.Sc. in Computer Engineering
  • B.Sc. in Software Technology
  • B.Tech in Communication Engineering

Btech in Computer Science Engineering:

After 12th grade, B.Tech in Computer Science is one of the most popular and lucrative courses. The B.Tech. in Computer Science is extremely popular due to its high demand in industry and applications.

As a B.Tech Computer Science student, you will learn about computer science fundamentals and their applications in various fields.

You will also learn about computer programming and its various concepts, such as algorithms, program design, computer hardware, computer software, programming languages, computation, etc.

Btech Information and Technology

Another popular study option for computer science students is the B.Tech in Information Technology. In terms of curriculum and goals, it differs from the B.Tech in Computer Science. Unlike the B.Tech. in Computer Science, which focuses on various areas of computer programming and concepts, the B.Tech. in Information Technology concentrates on information theory and management.

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

Aside from engineering disciplines, there are a variety of additional Computer Science courses to choose from. For example, BCA is a popular course among Computer Science students (Bachelor of Computer Application).

The theory and techniques of computer science will be covered in the BCA course. It introduces you to computer principles and includes related topics such as Software Development, Database Management Systems, Theoretical Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Networks.

Some reputable institutions offering these computer science courses are:

  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • Vellore Institute of Technology
  • Arya College Main Campus
  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology
  • College of Engineering, Pune

Above are a few important and valuable computer science courses that are available right now

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