Importance of Group Discussion in MBA Admission Process


MBA Program 

MBA is a program students pursue after graduation. They choose it to learn how to start and grow a business from scratch and the importance of group discussion in MBA admission process.

They have a big dream and want to know how to turn it into reality.

Arya College Jaipur is amongst the top technical and management education institutions in the State of Rajasthan. The two-year full-time MBA degree program is the premium level program that provides specialisation in the following fields:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resource Management

The program is divided into four semesters; each semester is planned in a manner to give students the best management education and encourage them to become future leaders. With academic perfection and an experiential learning-based environment, the college has proved itself to be one of the preferred institutions for learning professional programs like management. 

What is the importance of Group Discussion in MBA admission process?

Group discussions are considered as one of the important parameters where a student’s ability to collectively work in a group is analyzed to arrive at a solution to a problem or develop a perspective by providing a piece of information. Apart from Group Discussion, the college takes many other personality assessment tests such as:

  • Personal Interview (PI)
  • Case study discussions
  • Essay Writing, etc. 

These tests help in assessing a wide range of aptitude, personality, and interests of the students. Such kinds of evaluations enable the colleges to analyze whether the particular students possess the qualities such as critical thinking for becoming an effective manager. 

Or briefly, Group Discussion, in particular, is a selection as well as elimination round before the final admission to the B-school. If two applicants out of the group are chosen – the remaining are eliminated. It signifies that this is the winner in this round and gets the desired institute.

To bring out other personality traits importance of group discussion in MBA should be known

According to MBA experts at Arya College, such skills reflect the ability of the students to know how they can accomplish a task in an unstructured situation by making some kind of order and finding practical solutions to the problem. The process helps in revealing some of the personal characteristics and traits of the students such as:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Motivating skills
  • Convincing skills

The other similar traits that are relevant to become efficient managers in the future can also be easily observed in the candidate. Moreover, activities like Group Discussion also help to know how a candidate reacts in a group when other members do not agree on his/ her opinion. Thus, it also helps students to practice anger management and avoid becoming violent in the group in case the group members disagree with their opinion. 

What do you need to remember?

Having a clear strategy and knowing the importance of Group Discussion in MBA admission process is the primary requirement to successfully qualify in the GDPI round before getting admission to the best MBA college in Jaipur. It is advised to stay updated with the current topics and happenings in the world so that you can develop your views about a particular topic that might be assigned to you during the discussion.

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