How to overcome confusion in choosing a career option?

Choosing a Career after Passing 12th

Where to be and where not to be is the biggest question. And no one who has crossed the bridge can say that the bridge was not a very unnerving expedition. Study hard. Win the 12th with your strongest strike and you will hit the jackpot. 

According to top engineering colleges in Rajasthan, students are most nervous and vulnerable at this point of time. Even someone who has chosen his dream field and discovered his passion might not be sure if he or she will be successful or not. Most of the students search for the best guidance and avenue where their energies can be best channelized. 


Some Tips for Students Based on Personal Experience

Being associated with various Engineering and Management colleges as a Soft Skills Trainer, I get to work with students. As a senior, I want to be able to do my bit to address their alarm. For a recent assignment, I visited an Engineering College in Jaipur located at Kukas. Truthfully, I thought it would be yet another run-of-the-mill college offering engineering courses to unsuspecting students, selling them a dream which may or may not be realized. 

When I saw the main campus which is spread in a welcoming 21 acres of lush green surroundings, and it’s extremely student-centric management so that the student is not left in a lurch once they pass out.

I visited their Advanced Labs and other state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities to implement theoretical learning. Faculty encourages each student to learn by doing. The method of teaching being participative and progressive. Strong research orientation is their strength benefitting the student in understanding and implementing the Art of Engineering on the ground.

Speaking with the students gave me an insight into their work, on a wide variety of technologies, a few left indelible impressions like a Moving Humanoid, which works on Artificial Intelligence and is super compliant.

A Robotic Arm can prove to be a boon to a person with no arm. The Robotic Arm takes its instructions from the owner of the arm and moves like a regular arm and is wonderfully amenable!! 

According to the latest news reports the Air Drone Craze is in full swing in most countries and consumer DRONE MAKERS are flooding the market with new 2018 Quadcopter models all the time. Interestingly, Arya College Jaipur is in tandem with the world of Electric Aviation and its students have engineered a Quadcopter model- Drone.

What are Other Perks of Joining Arya College?

  • MSME Labs
  • Linux Labs 
  • Foss Labs by IIT Mumbai 
  • C-DAC oriented Java Labs
  • Artificial Intelligence Labs 

These are a few other building blocks for the Best BTech College in India. I’m impressed because I had not expected such mindfulness from a private college. While speaking to the Faculty my understanding was that the aim is to impart education of the highest quality to the young minds, instill them with specialized training, provide opportunities for innovation and research, and inspire them to be knowledgeable, professional, and competent individuals.

Moreover, they impart education for exceptional careers in Engineering and related fields. My interaction with the students at the Student Development Cell was equally revealing. The cell is organized to work on the development of the student’s personality right from the moment he sets his foot in the College Campus to the day he moves to the world of corporate. 

With high hopes and higher confidence. One gets to read more than enough data and articles which say that more than 80% of Engineering students are not employable, indicating a significant skill gap.

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How is the Student Development Cell Helpful?

Arya happens to leverage upon the Corporate initiatives and they have evolved a lot of Student Development Programs right from training on the basic language (since engineering students are rarely conversant in English) to advanced Interview skills. 

  • The college has partnered with Infosys for its Corporate Connect program. 
  • They have hired SCOUT, a Pune-based top-notch company to work upon the soft skills and personality development of their students.

With every passing year, the gap between the industry’s technical growth and subsequent requirements has changed manifold while the Engineering syllabus never seems to budge at all. Arya has bridged the gap by building quality work experience and opportunities more widespread. 

They have invited companies like BOSCH and GOOGLE to impart the updated courses to students and stitched various Faculty Development Programs to make sure that the lecturers are well versed with the new technological know-how in the industry. The uncertainty around skills is absolutely lethal and I see this being the foremost mission of the cell to remove the ignorance.

To make students work-ready, it was heartening to see that the college is looking for the right solutions like the Apprenticeship and Students exchange program at a phenomenal level. A College with a soul, the College Management has put to good use of its huge experience and values.

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