How to convert CGPA to percentage in Engineering

While we were in school and now in college, we often come face to face with a term called CGPA and interestingly, it has always intrigued me in many different ways, like how did someone get to know about the scale of my grades just by knowing my CGPA and many other such reasons. Students must know about the fact that you can calculate your overall percentage just by using your CGPA. So Lets understand the process to convert CGPA to percentage.


Before we actually try to find out how to convert CGPA to percentage in engineering, let us first try to understand the concept of GPA and CGPA. Both these systems are currently operated in the Indian Grading System in all schools and colleges like Arya College Main Campus in the country. 

GPA is an abbreviation of Grade Point Average, which is a basic and organised mode of calculation of a student’s grades for a short period or definite periods of time like half-yearly in schools and a specific term on a semester. It is calculated by dividing the average grades or scores scored by the student by the total number of credit hours it has been present in.

CGPA is an abbreviation for Cumulative Grade Point Average, and it is the calculation of comprehensive grades of a student. It is calculated by dividing the total marks for all subjects by the total credit hours attended throughout the semester. It is not for a definite period but calculated annually in both schools and colleges.

How to Convert CGPA to engineering
How to Convert CGPA to engineering


For steady calculation of CGPA to percentage in engineering, you need first to make a list of subjects that a student is appearing in. Try to not miss out on any of the subjects as well as their scores and create a list of them. 

Next, keep a record of the total number of each subject or paper scores. For example, if the test is of 100 marks, then 100 is the total score and the student getting a specific score is the required mark needed for our calculation.

 Now follow the formula for calculating the total CGPA, and that is

{(Total marks obtained) / (sum of max marks of each person)} * 100

The calculated value, when divided with 9.5 ( for e.g., X) that is your CGPA. Since we now know what our CGPA is, we can easily calculate a percentage as well. We need to multiply our required CGPA by 10.

CGPA * 10

And we get the percentage.


CGPA does have a lot of advantages, and we will discuss a few of them like:

  • It relieves your stress by making class work easier as if you know that getting a lesser mark in one of the assignments won’t hamper your grades; you can pay attention to some other important class.
  • It is a better option for teachers as they can create groups of students for different categories and give the required attention.

So that was all you needed to know about CGPA and how to convert it to percentage in engineering colleges.

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