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Engineering branch selection 

The decision to choose an engineering branch is one of the most intricate decisions for the students who are ready to begin their journey in the engineering world. Several things are going through a student’s mind while choosing his/her career because at that time they have to make a very big decision about themselves and the future aspects.

And those who want to build their career in engineering from the Best Engineering College in Jaipur, are often confused about which stream is better and what they should opt for their specialization. The majority of the students’ community opts for a branch by considering factors like their interest, advice from the parents, peer group pressure, and long-term prospects.

The experts from the renowned colleges emphasize the importance of branch selection as it completely decides your destiny in the field and helps you explore career options associated with the specific branch. 

Major engineering branches offered by top B.Tech colleges in India 

Computer science

Of all the engineering branches, the engineering professionals who graduate from this branch have high demand, particularly in the service sector. Computer engineers have a high demand in the market as software-driven approaches are being adopted. The major recruiters include:

  • Railways
  • Banking
  • Hospitality
  • Airlines
  • Any other industry 


Quality infrastructure like buildings, dams, airports, etc. indicates the growth level and development of a nation. The demand for civil engineers is fueled as the majority of construction projects require architects, site engineers, and supervisors. Moreover, it is a comparatively easier branch than other engineering branches. Both the private and public sectors have a vast employability scope for civil engineering graduates.

Electronics and Communication

The telecommunication sector offers wide employability prospects to EC engineers in both private and public sector companies. BSNL is the major employer in the public sector while private organizations comprise Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, etc.


The public sector undertakings like railways, metro rail corporations, defense forces, and heavy engineering companies are the major recruiters of mechanical graduates. Further, this is the branch that offers job prospects in both the public and private sectors and thus, you can explore the best of the options as per your preference.


One of the core and conventional branches of engineering, the electrical engineers experience high demand in the government sector undertakings like electricity boards, manufacturing, and power sector companies like NTPC, Railways, and defence forces.

These are the basics through which you can easily discover your path. Moreover, your interest in a particular branch can help you learn the most to enhance your knowledge and skills in the field.

Arya College of Engineering regularly organizes counseling sessions that help students to find out the suitable course for their bright career.

The appropriate guidance and counseling significantly assist you in choosing the most suitable branch for a satisfying and high rewarding career. Further, when students choose a field of their interest and liking, they surely perform well in their professional life as compared to those who randomly choose any branch considering the advice of parents, friends, and relatives.

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