Everything about MBA for entrepreneurs!


Entrepreneurship is one of the areas that tests how far you can go to make your passion come true. As a MBA Entrepreneur, you can start up your business venture and bring changes to many things you thought could be a real problem solver! 

MBA in Entrepreneurship Means 

Master of Business Administration is one of the most innovative and safest post-graduate degrees for those who want business. An engineer can also become an MBA Entrepreneur if he wishes to complete his real venture. A Master in Business Administration is a very healthy way to start any real venture, including business related to the fields such as delivery service, cafes and restaurants, hotel management, book shop, etc.

Master of Business Administration or MBA on Entrepreneurship is a specialization for those who want to start their start-ups. In this growing rat race which includes unemployment, the most brilliant move for a Master of Business Administration graduate is to own his own business through entrepreneurship. Therefore, MBA in Entrepreneurship can be termed as a degree that is opted by those who want to decide their future by starting a real business venture which can also come up as solutions to real-life problems. 

Best MBA for Entrepreneurship in India 

Everything about MBA for entrepreneurs!
best MBA College

If you have dreams and passion for starting your venture, you need to select the course from the best college to guarantee you good guidance. Choosing the top colleges for MBA for Entrepreneurs comes with many benefits because of the various private foundations they are linked with. These private foundations become a key that would help the students later while starting their start-ups. 

Therefore, some of the best Colleges in India that are considered to be the best for MBA for Entrepreneurs are:

  • Symbiosis Pune 

Symbiosis International University Pune has been one of the very few colleges considered the best for those who want to take up business and management. It provides top world-class education to the students and ranks among the highest colleges in India for Business Administration. Therefore, an MBA for entrepreneurs in Symbiosis can be considered the best college where you can complete your course to lead a successful life on the road to independent entrepreneurship. 

Arya College Main Campus is one of the most reputed colleges in India for business. The college provides both Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree courses in Business Administration. Those inspired to take up MBA to become a successful and independent Entrepreneur ultimately take Admission to Arya College Main Campus.

The reason behind this is that the college provides the best scopes for entrepreneurship by giving them a chance in this field to get a global certification. This global certification helps the new entrepreneur enthusiast to start with a real venture. Furthermore, having a global certification allows them to highlight their venture globally as well. 

  • University Business School, Panjab University 

University Business School has been one of the top colleges for business and management since years ago. The college is AICTE approved and is accredited by NAAC. The course has a lifeline of 2 years for an MBA in Entrepreneurship in India, but the practical uses of the course lie for a lifetime. 

The college has shown outstanding performances through its time and has created many opportunities for all the students.

These are the few colleges that are good for MBA for entrepreneurs. Getting a chance to complete your post-graduate degrees from any one of these colleges is a matter of pride and prestige. However, apart from these colleges, another famous college is IIM and Arya College Main Campus.

MBA in Entrepreneurship IIM and Arya College Main Campus are one of the greatest wonders. The reason behind this is that they provide lots of opportunities. With links to various foundations and organization’s students get a boost on entrepreneurship.

However, they are not just the only institutes that provide this opportunity. The few colleges that have been mentioned above provide these facilities as well.

MBA in Entrepreneurship subjects and MBA in Entrepreneurship syllabus

Knowing the subjects that you will require to learn is one of the most excellent strategies. You need to analyze various situations, and learning what subjects will come your way is essential. The subjects are different in all different semesters.

1st semester:

  • Human Resource Management 
  • Financial & Management Accounting
  • Statistics for Management
  • Management Process & Organization Behavior
  • Managerial Economics
  • Business Communication

2nd semester:

  • Project management
  • Financial Management
  • Management Information System
  • Operations Research
  • Marketing Management
  • Production & Operations Management

3rd semester:

  • Research Methodology
  • Legal Aspects of Business

4th semester: 

  • Strategic Management & Business Policy
  • International Business Management 

These are the syllabus required for MBA for Entrepreneurship if you want to take up Entrepreneurship.

MBA in Entrepreneurship salary in India 

As per the mba in entrepreneurship scope, MBA for Entrepreneurs is a crucial aspect, and one must know what may come ahead and the dangers and risks. He must adequately plan out what is needed and what is not needed so he doesn’t end up sabotaging his venture. That is why taking admission to good colleges is the fundamental thing. 

The posts at which an entrepreneur can work are:

  • Assistant Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Finance Controller
  • Chief Managing Officer
  • CEO
  • Accountant
  • Business Consultants

The average salary of an entrepreneur begins with INR 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs.

What are the skills that an Entrepreneur must possess? 

Being an entrepreneur comes with many risks and advances. The best thing about this course is that the students are generally educated and taught the benefits of being entrepreneurs. We are in that stage where unemployment has become the most significant area leading to a significant crisis. 

However, Entrepreneurship is that area where you can use the most of it. This specialization offers and provides lots of opportunities. It begins with someone taking up the challenge and starting his venture.

Entrepreneurship begins with the following stages and skills:

  • Understanding what the world requires.
  • Understanding the problems in society.
  • Finding and researching solutions to those problems.
  • Developing leadership skills.
  • Understanding the market and business ethics.
  • Learning communication skills.
  • Risk-taking ability.
  • Understanding of the capital that might be required.

These are the skills that an entrepreneur must possess. Having an Entrepreneurship specialization increases many opportunities and creates a path of success.

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