Digital Platforms are the Need of the Hour

The ongoing COVID-19 has shown the importance of digital platforms to avoid   large gatherings such as seminars and conferences in this age of the pandemic.

A Digital Service is a software service designed to fulfil a product capability and run on a Digital Platform.

Facebook Live sessions with eminent personalities were organized by Arya College during the lockdown period, taking advantage of these digital platforms. During these sessions, participants were able to clarify any questions or concerns they had about their future post-COVID.

The Corona crisis has taught us how digital platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter can help professionals and institutions to boost their business or reach the prospective audience without physically meeting or approaching them, which was not the case in the early days.

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Education Sector Benefited from Digital Platforms

We understand the power of these digital platforms and how they can be used to your advantage. We hosted several meetings and live sessions with the faculty members and students during the pandemic with the help of these video conferencing apps.

Before COVID-19, most people had never heard of the term webinar, but now they know that it is the web-based version of the seminar. According to Google, a webinar or Web Conferencing is a “seminar conducted over the Internet.” While that webinar definition is true, a webinar is more than that. A webinar is different from a seminar in that it can be shared and viewed afterward. It’ll allow you:

  • To connect with your audience
  • To train new employees
  • To increase your profit margin

The college stayed connected to its students with apps like Zoom. Crystal-clear audio, dual screen-sharing, and crystal-clear video are just a few of the unique features of video conferencing apps. Application Zoom allows users:

  • To host virtual meetings
  • Online courses
  • Training
  • Conferences
  • Webinars using platforms like YouTube Livestream

Individuals, businesses, and institutions who are hands-on with technology will only prosper in the future, as we all know that the present age is the digital age. Students at the Best Engineering College in Rajasthan need to be aware of the latest technology so that adverse conditions can be overcome with the right technology. 

The knowledge about such technologies can be of immense help to students who live in remote areas and are unable to attend studies by regularly visiting the college. Further, students can learn at their own pace as they can easily download the recorded videos from these platforms. 

Digital platforms have no doubt helped the education sector in the present pandemic conditions in continuing the learning process both at the school and college level. The digital technology assisted students and teachers to remain connected with each other from the safe home and at the same time without major loss of studies. In addition to this most colleges and universities have organized Facebook live sessions on skill development and future opportunities for students post COVID-19.

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