The decision to choose a branch in engineering at the Best B.Tech College in India is considered to be a tough decision. Similar to other branches, Arya College also offers academic programs in Electronics and Communication Engineering. The combination of electronics with communication has become the cornerstone of the digital world. Right from smartphones to computers, television, and ultra-modern satellites, the field of electronics and communication engineering is considered to be indispensable for all industries. Students choosing this branch have great career opportunities such as Electronics Engineer, Service Engineer, Communications Engineer, Network Planning Engineer, Electronic Design Engineer, Desktop Support Engineer, Technical Director, etc.

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Let us have a Brief Insight into each of these Job Roles.

Electronics Engineer: 

With the rise in the electronics industry, there is greater demand for electronics engineers in the market which has created a lot of opportunities for the ECE aspirants. 

Desktop Support Engineer: 

The job role has greater relevance in both the IT and Non-IT industry. These professionals are responsible for resolving basic issues with the computer systems, fixing server problems, and security-related problems that can affect the business operations. 

Network Planning Engineer: 

These professionals play a major role in maintaining the internal and external networks of the company. Their primary job is to administer computer networks which include hardware, configurations, and system software. 

Being counted among the top 10 private engineering college in IndiaArya College Jaipur provides learning facilities to students in RF Electronics, Embedded System, Wireless Sensor Network, Signal Processing, Communication, VLSI, and related area so that students can tap the opportunities available in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering

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