Biggest Question: What are the Subjects for MBA in Finance?


Master Of Business Administration has become one of the most significant areas in today’s time that actually guarantees success. Master of Business Administration is that field that focuses more on the business areas for the already graduates. It is a two-year program Subjects for MBA in Finance divided into four semesters, which covers many areas such as business strategy, finance, managerial economics, business ethics, and many more.

One of the biggest and trending questions that the students want to know about is about the subjects for MBA in finance. This is a question that is most commonly asked. Therefore let’s check and understand what the subjects for MBA in finance are and what exactly it is.

What is MBA in Finance?

A Master in Business Administration or MBA in Finance is a stream that imparts the knowledge related to the fields such as investment, resources related to money, management and control, and review of the collection. Therefore, from this, you can understand that subjects for MBA in Finance are the easiest way through which you get a gate that opens up various opportunities in the finance sector. Along with finance management, as an aspirant in MBA, you will be allowed to research various other fields like learning to analyze reports that will be generated, money forecast trends, maximization of stock values, management of investment portfolio and balance risk, and the profitability. 

MBA in Finance courses opens up various opportunities and increases the scope alot. For that to happen, as an aspirant, you need to work hard in mathematics as well. The most crucial point other than this is that you need to choose a college that seems reliable and makes things easier for you by providing multiple placement opportunities where you can go for. 

The Biggest Question: What are the Subjects for MBA in Finance?

MBA in Finance Course Details 

Some criteria must be fulfilled no matter what course you opt for. Therefore make sure that you check what’s there that’s in for you.

Criteria and Eligibility: 

  • The minimum mark required for a student to take MBA in Finance is 50% aggregate CGPA. Therefore students who fulfill the criteria will get a chance to opt for the subjects for MBA in finance but from a recognized college or university.  
  • They should be good at mathematics.
  • For the reserved candidates, the minimum mark is 45%. 
  • Students get admission to colleges on the basis of entrance exams and the scores earned in those. 
    • Some of those entrance examinations are:
      • XAT
      • MAT
      • CAT 
      • CMAT
      • SNAP

MBA in Finance Fees 

Fees is one of the prime considerations when it comes to receiving the best courses for higher studies. If you are behind fees, you need to opt for a college that gives you good placement, education and which requires a minimum fee. The average fees that are usually required for the Subjects for MBA in finance course range between rupees 7 lakhs to 10 lakhs. 

Subjects for MBA in Finance and syllabus: 

Knowing what subjects may come through your way is important. Therefore here are some that will help the MBA in finance aspirants. 


  • Portfolio management
  • Borrowing
  • Investments
  • Fundraising
  • Hedge fund management
  • Corporate investment management
  • Small business and corporate finance
  • International finance
  • Disbursements
  • Securities analysis
  • Coverage of global financial institutions, volatility, valuation,  international markets, fixed income securities and macroeconomics.


  • PGP First Year Courses: 
    • Corporate Finance
    • Financial Reporting and Analysis
    • Financial Markets
    • Coating and Control Systems 
  • PGP Elective Courses:
    • Applied value investing
    • Asset backed securitization
    • Alternative investments and hedge funds
    • Behavioural finance
    • Bitcoin and blockchain
    • Financial risk management
    • Financial statement analysis
    • Financing of firms
    • Futures, options, and risk management
    • Fraud risk assessment and governance mechanisms
    • International corporate finance
    • Issues in international finance
    • Microfinance management
    • Mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring
    • Modern investment and portfolio management
    • Optimization methods in finance
    • Quantitative and algorithmic trading
    • Principles of transfer pricing
    • Securities regulation
    • Structured products
    • Stochastic calculus in finance
    • Valuation of firms
    • Trading strategies
    • Agricultural finance for PGP-ABM  
    • Asset pricing
    • Applied functional analysis in finance
    • Corporate finance in emerging markets
    • Derivatives pricing
    • Empirical asset pricing
    • Empirical accounting research
    • Empirical research in auditing and corporate governance
    • Fondation of finance
    • Seminar course in accounting and organization
    • Seminar course in accounting and markets
    • Seminar in behavioural finance
    • Seminar course on corporate finance
    • Mathematical finance 

MBA in Finance in India:  

No matter what field is being selected by a student, the one crucial thing that must be noticed is that the field should be a vital subject in that college. Make sure to choose a college that provides a broad and good scope when it comes to placement. The education that is being provided must be topmost as well.

Some of the best colleges in India are: 

These are the best colleges in India that provide the best courses and subjects for MBA in Finance. So if you’re a student who wants to take admission in MBA in Finance, you should definitely consider taking admission in any one of these. This is because they have the best education system, and they provide the best placement.

The teachers and faculty members of these colleges are excellent. As an MBA aspirant, you should take admission to any of these colleges by researching enough about them. However, these colleges are selected by the majority and are known to be the best in India. 

MBA in Finance Salary 

To get the highest paid salary you need to develop skills in various areas. Some of these areas are:

  • Ability to interpret numbers from the results and draw conclusions it
  • Quantitative Skills
  • Ability to handle variety of tasks
  • Understanding the principles of accounting and financial management

Some of the positions that you can work into and their salaries offered are:

  • Financial analyst- Rs. 3.6 lakhs per annum
  • Corporate finance- Rs. 6 lakhs per annum
  • Assistant vice president of corporate banking- Rs. 19.7 lakhs per annum
  • Portfolio manager- Rs. 12 lakhs per annum 

These are the jobs and salaries according to them. 

No matter which college you choose, colleges should pass some criterias of your own wishes as well. So make sure to choose the best college with a very good placement.

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