Benefits of the virtual graduation ceremony


With the passage of arrivals and departures of the freshers and the seniors, COVID-19 managed to stay. However, the virtual graduation ceremony seemed otherwise.

Virtual learning 

Recently, a Tokyo-based University in Japan held a virtual graduation ceremony due to the existing conditions of the Coronavirus pandemic. Students connected with the university administration through video-conferencing applications and they were displayed on mobile robots.

According to Arya College of Engineering, these reforms indicate the scope of technology in digital education is very wide especially, after the Coronavirus pandemic where social distancing for avoiding crowded places has become the new normal. The use of robots to denote the physical presence of the students presents a better option for celebrating events like a Graduation ceremony and at the same time maintaining social distance.

And this sounds super amazing, fun, and creative!

Although this new experience will be very different for the students, such advancements show that with the best technology in hand, there is nothing impossible. Moreover, the existing pandemic times when it is advised to maintain social distance, such initiatives can help conducting events and students can be a part right from the safety of their home. 

Benefits of the virtual graduation ceremony

Moreover, it is believed that this technology can play a useful role in distance education particularly in situations where students cannot be physically present at the university but can be represented through humanoid robots. In addition to this, the students enrolled in our college in various technical courses can learn the most about robotic technology.

So, they can receive the best placements in renowned multinational companies where they can utilize their knowledge to make robotic technology much better. Further, this practice can be highly effective in current pandemic times. In addition to this, the online graduation ceremony is not only useful in distance education but is also time-saving for working professionals.

Moreover, such an event enables working professionals to achieve a perfect balance between their work, family, and higher education. As it is quite difficult to carry out part-time studies while working, initiatives like online convocation are just another step that will boost the online learning facilities at higher education institutions like colleges and universities.

Since there is a tremendous spike in the growing need for intelligent and accurate decision-making across industries and companies. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are expanding their relevance and potential in Engineering. This has led to an

exponential extension in the choosing of AI and DS technologies, and they are expected to remain relevant in years to come from now.

Arya College Jaipur offers immense opportunities in robotics

The college provides students with the best learning opportunities concerning robotic technology with its advanced R&D Robotics Lab. In addition to this, innovation and creativity have always remained at the college’s core so that we can return maximum to society with the help of technological advancements. 

The Virtual Graduation Ceremony and other similar technology will bring transformative changes in the existing higher education system in the future. Thus, with the use of robots, the requirement for physical presence might end and it can be a boon especially in the case of distance learning. Hence, artificial intelligence proved itself again to be a boon to society.

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