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Victory- A Gala Annual Event organized by students in the month of April every year. As name states, Victory provides a stage wherein student get open chance to showcase skills, creativity and talent. This annual event is a synonym of winning and success which motivates students to start their upcoming academic session which much joy, positive energy and creative thoughts.

Arya Group of Colleges have a huge gamut of students which makes VICTORY one of the biggest celebration/event of the year. It is a fusion of cultural and techno cultural activities. A complete one day is dedicated to this event which starts from the morning and runs throughout the day.

Victory is also known as awarding stage where students get awarded and recognized for the achievements they have done in particular year. Since the inception of Arya Group of Colleges-Jaipur, Victory is glamorized and attended by known personalities of state and nation from the field of Government, Arts, Bollywood Industry and person of social and national importance.

Dr.Arvind Agarwal, President-Arya Group of Colleges-Jaipur say that – “Annual events play a pivotal role in shaping up students skills and confidence, therefore, cultural events should be a mandatory part of all academic institutions”

Arya Group of Colleges understands the importance of life skills which student requires being a productive and proactive individual. To shape up a student into a assetful citizen of the nation, all-round development is needed and certainly, events like Victory has an important role to play. Since three years Victory is gained a lot of presence in the state of Rajasthan and thus many colleges from different parts of state and city are now taking enthusiastic participation in this techno-cultural feast.

Victory is able to attract many sponsors from various business houses from Jaipur and other cities like Pune, Delhi , Bangalore etc which is testimony that Victory has gained a lot of presence. A purely student-oriented activity which is organized by students provides something more than then a cultural event.

Dr.Puja Agrawal, Group Director-Arya Group of Colleges-Jaipur says that “We seek to make our events bigger every year. These events are much helpful in providing leadership skills and organizational attitude to students which indirectly help them to keep their intellect on the right path.

“Youth of today which is exposed to all information in this e-age have a lot of energy and ideas- The only concern is to utilize them in the right direction,” says our Advisory board of Arya College Jaipur.

Not only Academic but cultural strength is a niche of Arya Group of Colleges-Jaipur and with this approach success and fame is inevitable.

“All Powers is within you; You can do anything & Everything” Swami Vivekananda


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