Artificial Intelligence: A rising career option for engineering students


What is Artificial Intelligence and what are the career options for engineering students?

Career options for engineering students in AI have increased due to its increasing demand in various industries. The hype that AI will create  still awaits many.

These days, a career in artificial intelligence is more promising than any other profession. Some of the top private engineering colleges in India are running 4-year degree courses in AI and Data Science. In this blog, we will explore AI and its prospects. Before we get into the world of AI, let’s learn a little about Artificial Intelligence.

To meet their technological needs, employers need AI talent. Job-seekers are attracted to a career in artificial intelligence (AI) because of its rapid growth. A career in AI requires job-seekers to possess relevant technical skills, according to a new report.

AI is a computer program or it is a study of computer science where a machine possesses intelligence like the intelligence displayed by humans. As human beings we can learn by observing things, similarly, machines learn from their surroundings, now over a while machines can also think on their own and many people see technology as becoming more like a human.

Alexa the best example of AI

Amazon’s device “ALEXA” is one the best examples of Artificial Intelligence. Ever since people initiated working on assorted prospects of Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology has been improving rapidly. Artificial Intelligence has exploited progress in every aspect of life and the education sector is no exception.

AI offers a variety of career options due to its wide range of applications in different fields. Many AI enthusiasts are also confused by this issue. We have compiled a list of AI career opportunities that we believe are promising. 

AI as a career option 

Talking about AI as a career it is one of the booming sectors in technology as every virtue of these technologies has been put to its best use. Roles in this discipline are very nook, requiring both an advanced and technical background.

It has become a vital part of human lives. From enterprises to households, AI technology is in great demand. Every person is using this technology in some or another way. Moreover, it can be revised according to different age denominations and industrial sectors. 

Big Data Engineer

For business systems to interact efficiently, a Big Data Engineer must create an ecosystem. An organization’s big data is their primary responsibility, and they are responsible for building and effectively managing it. Also, they have to perform the function of obtaining solid results from big data.

You’ll make a good salary as a big data engineer compared to other AI roles. As part of Spark and Hadoop systems, a big data engineer is responsible for setting up a big data environment, preparing it for use, managing it, and maintaining it. Who should apply: Those with a passion for playing around with new technical tools and who can think outside the box of relational databases.

As a big data engineer, you’ll need to know programming languages like:

  • Python
  • Java
  • SQL 
  • Apache Spark 

These skills increase your chances of landing a relevant job. In addition to knowledge of data migration, aspirants should have a good understanding of data visualization and mining. Arya Engineering College offers the best learning opportunities in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

Career options for engineering students in AI are very broad but if some are confused then it is advised to attend the counselling sessions conducted by the top colleges where students can resolve their queries and can choose the right path to go ahead.

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